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Midway Plaza Motel blends comfort and luxury while offering impeccable lodging accommodation to the locals as well as the tourists visiting Crossett, AR. The hotel services are specially customized to accommodate each type of traveler in need of a serene environment.

We strive to provide high-quality services like no other at affordable rates, all the while prioritizing the client’s comfort. There are different types of hotel accommodation depending on the type of room. Rooms vary in size, and each room size requires a certain number of occupants. Our spacious hotel rooms are always clean and kept fresh with air conditioning systems in place, and feature certain amenities such as televisions and ironing boards.

Our special hotel response team is qualified and is always at hand to handle big or small details that may distract our guests from having a great time on our premises. To ensure that the hotel room you are in is always clean and presentable, we have housecleaning services. Laundry services can always be arranged to help you fully enjoy your stay without having to worry about dirty clothes.

Our hotel stay reservation process is easy, and we are always eager to help you make an informed decision about the type of accommodation appropriate for you. If you want your stay at Crossett, AR to be as memorable as the day you landed your first paycheck, then you need to go to the place that will deliver on such a promise.

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