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About Us | Midway Plaza Motel - Crossett, AR

The Midway Plaza Motel is an “AMERICAN OWNED AND FAMILY OPERATED!” leading motel in Crossett, AR known for its commitment in the provision of high-quality and personalized hospitality services. Spending a day, weeks, or even months away from home can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when the place you are staying is not homely and welcoming.

The good news is that though very few motels offer super accommodation facilities, we guarantee all our guests extraordinary services in our cozy and classic motel. We are a family operated business situated in a wonderful location that provides our guests with flexible accessibility to major social and commercial joints.

Midway Plaza Motel offers motel, hotel, and long term hotel stay services. We also offer short term hotel stays for those in need of a relaxing place to stay while in Crossett, AR for a short period. The rooms are attractive and have well maintained surroundings. The insides of the rooms are contemporary with beautiful finishes and furnishings to create a wonderful homely setting.

We are customer oriented, and each visitor that walks through our door receives personalized service by our staff, who are always at hand to ensure that the intimate and vital needs of the guests are fully catered to. Basic as well as entertainment themed amenities featured in our motel go a long way in making sure that our clients feel relaxed and at home the entire time they stay with us.

Whether you need a short stay or a long stay accommodation, settle for a lodging that will present you with style and comfort. Indulge in Midway Plaza Motel and add excitement to your vacation.

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